Best Roof Coatings for RVs

Just like with any other type of residence, the roof is an essential feature for your RV. Applying a durable roof coating can ensure that your roof withstands damage and remains intact for years to come. The best type of roof coating will depend on the type of roof that your RV has. There are three roofing types used for RVs:

  • Rubber – Most RVs have rubber roofing, which comes in two varieties: EDPM and TPO roofing. This type of roofing has the benefit of being lightweight and flexible. However, they can require more frequent maintenance than other roofing types.
  • Fiberglass – Fiberglass RV roofing is harder to the touch than rubber, and it does have a higher weight than rubber. Fiberglass roofing is also more expensive, but it does not have the same maintenance needs as rubber roofing.
  • Aluminum – It is rare to see aluminum roofing on RVs, but it is still used on some recreational vehicles. Like fiberglass, aluminum roofing is hard and heavy, and it also has very low maintenance needs. Because aluminum roofing is not incredibly common in most RVs, this article will look primarily at the best roof coatings for rubber and fiberglass.

Coatings for Rubber RV Roofs

Rubber roof coatings are designed to protect your RV and improve its appearance. They also help to boost UV resistance and waterproofing. Furthermore, a roof coating will seal any cracks or seams that may cause vulnerabilities in your rubber RV roof. Below are some of the leading brands of roof coatings available for your RV:

  • Tucson Rubberized Coatings TRC 7000 Perma-Coat Roof Coating – With high elasticity and tensile strength, TRC 7000 is ideal for the rough conditions your RV roof may face. Additionally, it has a high adhesion rate for any kind of substrate, so it can revitalize an outdated roof, sealing cracks and vents as it bonds and cures.
  • Liquid Roof RV Roof Coating and Repair – This roof coating by Pro Guard is a liquid EPDM rubber coating that can make your RV coating look like new again. It is chemically cured for a solid, even finish, and it repairs leaks as it seals. The most significant drawback of this coating is that it is messy to apply and will eventually allow moisture and water to seep through the membrane.
  • KST COATINGS KST063600-16 Elastomeric Roof Coating – KST Coatings Elastomeric Roof Coating is designed to adhere to RV roofs in all kinds of weather, and it boasts 90% UV resistance. It is also a budget-friendly option with an easy cleanup process.

Fiberglass Roof Coating

Because fiberglass roofs are not quite as common for RVs, there are more limited options for this type of roof coating. Dicor RPFRC1 Fiberglass Roof Coating is highly rated for its flexibility, mold and moisture resistance, and easy application and cleanup. It is a 100% acrylic fiberglass coating that has a high level of reflectivity. However, this coating does come at a higher cost than other brands on the market.

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