Roof coatings can provide a wide range of benefits for any homeowner, from reducing the need for repairs to extending the life of the roof. In order to enjoy these benefits, however, they need to choose the right type of roof coating. If your client needs an extremely durable coating, then asphalt may be a good option for them. Asphalt roof coatings aren’t as widely used as other roof coatings. However, they still have a lot to offer your clients. Thus, roofing contractors should always be familiar with asphalt roof coatings and when they are appropriate to use. Here’s what you should know about these roof coatings.


What is an asphalt roof coating?

In most cases, asphalt roof coatings contain asphalt fibers. These fibers serve to bind the coating together and protect its integrity. This ensures that the finished coating is very strong and will hold up well over many years. You can apply the coating in a number of ways. For example, you can spray it on, brush it, or apply it with a cold adhesive. Once applied, however, the coating is very adhesive and won’t wash off the surface.

Where do asphalt roof coatings work best?

Asphalt is a very strong material. Thus, it provides a level of protection that not every roof will necessarily need. As a result, it is a good option if you have a roof that could benefit from an extra degree of protection. If a roof is made of metal or stone, for example, then asphalt can provide it with an excellent shield from the elements. The coating can even fill in minor cracks in a roof’s surface to provide it with even greater protection. Thus, if a client wants to revitalize an existing roof at their home or business, then asphalt is a terrific option.

Will asphalt roof coatings waterproof a roof?

Understandably, waterproofing is a concern for many homeowners when they’re having their roofs coated. After all, water damage can lead to expensive roof repairs. Asphalt roof coatings offer an effective solution. Thus, if a client lives in an area that gets a lot of rain, then asphalt can provide them with peace of mind in terms of potential roof damage. The asphalt will also protect metal roofs from rusting, which is a common concern with those roofs. Remember that roof coatings are water-based, so they’re vulnerable to water damage until they’re cured.

How many types of asphalt roof coatings are available?

There are a wide array of different asphalt roof coatings on the market. As a result, you may need to compare several products in order to find the one that works best for a specific roofing job. For example, some coatings work best with certain surfaces, such as wood, metal, or asphalt. Other coatings will be ideal for certain climates, as they work best in particular temperatures. Whatever your client’s needs are, however, you should be able to find an asphalt coating product that will work for their roof.