Apoc 247 vs Henry’s Dura-Brite

Apoc 247 vs Henry’s Dura-Brite

Taking the time to peruse your options can help to ensure that you find the right cool roof coating. For example, what if you’re trying to decide between Henry 587 100% Acrylic Dura-Brite White Elastomeric Roof Coating on the one hand, and APOC 247 Sun-Shield Bright White Elastomeric Roof Coating on the other? Both of these reflective roof coatings have a great deal to offer.

Henry’s Dura-Brite wins out in a number of categories. Specifically, it offers much superior elasticity and elongation, which is one of the critical qualities of any strong, durable roof coating. In order for a coating to provide an effective shield, it needs to be able to stretch and adjust to the changes in temperature. Henry’s Dura-Brite also has far better results on the scrub test, and it adheres better to a roof with a poor-quality substrate.

Apoc 247 vs Henry's Dura-Brite

On the other hand, APOC 247 scores much more highly in several key categories. In particular, this coating displays better tensile strength. It also adheres much better to roofs that have a high-quality substrate. APOC 247 also scores well in terms of dirt pickup resistance, bleed-through, and white/reflectivity.

Both of these white elastomeric roof coatings offer strong UV protection and will help to keep your roof cool. Thus, if you’re trying to determine which of them is better-suited to your building, you’ll want to consider which factors you care the most about.