Roof Coating FAQs

It’s hard to deny it: Roof coatings are becoming a major part of the roofing industry. More and more homeowners and business owners alike are deciding to opt for protective coatings for their roofs. There are many different types of roof coatings available, so it can be a challenge to identify the right coating for a particular building. Here are the answers to some questions you or your clients may have about roof coatings.

What do roof coatings do?

The primary purpose of a roof coating is to preserve the roof and extend its life. In addition, many roof coatings can make a building more energy-efficient. However, some types of roof coatings can also enhance the roof’s appearance. Different clients may expect different things from their coatings.

Can you coat every roof?

You can coat almost any type of roof. Whether a roof is made of metal, wood, or even concrete, you can find a suitable coating for it. However, it’s important to make sure that you’ve found the best possible coating for it. That’s why it’s so important to do your research and be as knowledgeable as possible about the different types of coatings that are available.

Is it possible to coat a new roof?

Many people associate roof coatings with existing roofs. However, it is definitely possible to coat a brand-new roof. It’s important to check to make sure that adding a roof coating will not violate the terms of any warranty on the roof.

How does a roof coating preserve a roof?

Roof coatings work by providing a protective covering for the roof’s materials. Roofs that have been coated should require fewer repairs and may not need to be replaced as often. Thus, a roof coating is effectively an investment in the future of the roof.

How do roofs make buildings more energy-efficient?

If a building owner adds a reflective coating to a roof, then it will keep heat from being absorbed by the roof. This heat causes the inside of the building to heat up. Thus, it can drive up your energy bills. By making it easier to keep your temperature consistent, a roof coating can cut down on the amount of energy you need to use to cool your building.

How do you apply a roof coating?

This depends on the type of roof coating, as there are several methods. For example, roof coatings can be brushed on to the roof’s surface, sprayed on, or applied using a roller. The method varies depending on the material.

Is it possible to recoat a roof?

In almost all cases, a roof that has already been coated can be recoated. However, it’s important to check to ensure that you are following the manufacturer’s recommendations for coating the roof.

Why is it important to use a roofing contractor to coat a roof?

Some homeowners wonder whether they can apply the coating themselves. However, using a professional roofing contractor ensures that the coating will be applied properly. A roofing contractor can also inspect the roof before applying the coating to ensure that there are no leaks or other problems. Thus, it’s always smart to rely on a professional.