Henry’s Dura-Brite vs Elastek 127

Henry’s Dura-Brite vs Elastek 127

Evaluating the performance and lasting value of a roof coating is much easier to do if you are able to compare it with other, similar products. If you were trying to decide between Elastek 127 Solar One Plus and Henry 587 100% Acrylic Dura-Brite White Elastomeric Roof Coating, for example, you’d need to draw a comparison based on the most important factors. How do both roof coatings measure up?

Elastek 127 is the clear winner in one of the most important categories: elasticity or elongation. This factor, of course, determines how effective a roof coating will be when a roof contracts or expands in response to changes in temperature. Henry’s Dura-Brite, however, is the better product for tensile strength, which measures the amount of pressure that a roof coating can undergo.

Henry's Dura-Brite vs Elastek 127

Elastek 127 also scores well in dirt pickup resistance and white/reflectivity, making it a formidable coating product. However, Henry’s Dura-Brite scores better in bleed-through as well as on the scrub test.

Finally, Henry’s Dura-Brite is slightly more effective than Elastek 127 if you have a roof with a poor substrate. The two products are evenly matched in terms of adhesion to roofs with good substrates. In other words, the product you go with depends on which factors you value most; neither of these two coatings offers decisive superiority to the other.