TRC 7000 vs Henry’s Dura-Brite

TRC 7000 vs Henry’s Dura-Brite

If you are looking for roof coating products, a direct comparison between two leading brands can be the best method of determining the right product for your needs. By evaluating each product’s tested performance in key areas, such as elasticity and tensile strength, you can decide on one that truly delivers what you need.

TRC 7000 vs Henry's Dura-Brite

Comparing TRC 7000 Perma-Coat Roofing and Henry 587 100% Acrylic Dura-Brite White Elastomeric Roof Coating, you will see that the choice primarily comes down to the two most important factors for your roof coating: elasticity and tensile strength.

Henry Dura-Brite performs better in terms of elasticity—the flexibility of the coating as it expands and contracts in varying temperatures. However, TRC 7000 boasts higher tensile strength, meaning that it can sustain a higher amount of pressure.

Henry is also the clear winner in the scrub test, but TRC 7000 offers better adhesion to substrate, higher reflectivity, and lower dirt retention and bleed through. While the two products both have their unique strengths, TRC 7000 is the better of two in most situations, as it is not heavily outperformed by Henry 587 in any one category. However, the tensile strength of TRC 7000 is far superior, and it maintains better adhesion to both good and poor substrates.