How to Identify Quality Roof Coatings?

Roof coatings don’t just help a roof look nice, they also protect the roof from weathering, seasonal temperatures, exterior damage, and prevent more extensive repairs. Different coatings can have better properties that protect the roof in separate ways.

  • Adhesion: A coating that sticks to it’s applied surface better will provide more benefits and prevent peeling. Less adhesive coatings may need a primer when applied to their surface.
  • Elongation: Elongation shows how far a material can be stretched and maintain itself across a roof. Coatings with better elongation are less likely to crack or chip from changing temperatures and physical impact.
  • Dirt Pickup: Different coatings may absorb dirt easier or become harder to clean. Dirt-resistant coatings stay white and reflective longer.
  • Reflectivity: Sunlight can wear down on a roof and affect the temperature of the interior. How well a roof coating reflects light can show how well it resists damage from UV light and even cut other costs.